Double XP Goes Live for New Black Ops 3 Game Mode

By Andarilho Published 29th Jul 2016

As the game-mode moves playlist categories, Treyarch has announced that Double XP will be available in all 'Fracture' games for a limited time.

Yesterday Treyarch announced that all games played in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 game mode 'Fracture' will yield double XP throughout the rest of the weekend.

{img=fracture-double-xp.png}'Fracture' is available to all PS4, Xbox One, and PC players.{/img}

The Double XP weekend was prompted by Treyarch when the game mode was moved from the 'Bonus' playlist to the 'Core' playlist. As seen in the image above, it lasts from today until August 1st at 10 A.M. Pacific Time.

Fracture was added as a new type of game mode for Black Ops 3 with the release of the Descent DLC. It's very similar in principal to 'Kill Confirmed' where players must pick up tags of enemies killed to reach a certain score total, although Fracture mixes it by using red and blue colored orbs that you have to deliver to certain areas around the map to win the game. A little bit of a mixture between 'Hardpoint' and 'Kill Confirmed' in that regard.

Fracture is available to all PS4, Xbox One, and PC Black Ops 3 players.


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