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    Today a regular member at our site CriousGamer mailed me this news which seems to be the latest rumored leaks, I think these details might be right because everything listed below can easily be expected from the ‘Infinity Wards’ upcoming ‘Modern Warfare 2′ sequel to the smash hit 2007 title ‘Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’.

    1. All the weapons from the original are coming again.
    2. 3 maps from the original are coming back with a few noticeable tweaks here & there.
    3. There is a total of 16 maps including 3 from the original.
    4. 20 new weapons will be added to the inventory & the most noticeable are the FAMAS assault rifle, HK PSG-1 sniper rifle, MP7 sub machine gun, AA12 fully automatic shotgun, MG4 LMG and the .44 magnum revolver.
    5. Multiple attachment perk has been added which allows 2 attachments to be added to a weapon.
    6. The Single Player Campaign is predicted to last 7+ hours.
    7. Co-op Mode has been added.
    8. A new Alien Terrorist co-op mode is also added with details still unknown.
    9. The multiplayer is set to have 4 new modes above the original modes.
    10. A new CLAN system & TOURNAMENT system will be added.
    11. The PS version of the game is set to have Dedicated severs provided from SONY [Xbox Servers status still unknown].

    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is scheduled to be released on ‘November 10/2009′.

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    7 people and myself just finished a gaming session with Robert Bowling (IW Community Manager) aka Fourzerotwo. Was loads of fun, realised he is actually a mortal being, a very nice guy as well, but he uses Juggernoob if all else fails!

    A couple of things we found out, minor but good details;
    - Modded Controllers are blocked, with a rate of fire limit. Anyone who exceeds this rate of fire gets auto-banned.
    - They are working on a method of avoiding party-chat cheating methods that some people use in team games.
    - They are working on a new multiplayer system that is different to the current Peer-To-Peer network, which should be interesting.
    - Loads more details to come in the E3 convention.
    - The teddy bear in the trailer was only their for entertainment purposes, because it was in previous games, no other reasons.
    - The collectors edition will be under the control of Fourzerotwo, and we won't be getting an un-usable drinking item.
    - The down arrow in the teaser trailer, was to indicate the elevator, not a new perk.
    - Confirmation that the game is dropping the Call of Duty branding from Robert Bowling himself.
    - They print the top pages every single day, so far reaching approximately 300,000 pages worth of suggestions!
    - I quote "We have loads more gametypes for Modern Warfare 2".
    - They are currently unsure if they will be doing a public beta, this is to be clarified at a later date.

    Questions that were asked but recieved no answer, or couldn't be commented on:

    - He could not answer as to whether there would be vehicles in the game or not.
    - He could not answer as to what perks will be removed/added/changed.
    - He basically could not answer any questions about the maps and dlc's.

    He did however answer a question about the community site, and i think he said when all the decent details are released, however i did not catch what he said so i cannot confirm this.

    I'm sure if i have forgotten a couple of things someone will post it...proof of the chat/game is here...


    Ok i bought a magazine that had some Modern Warfare 2 Details in it so i am going to type down the main points.

    -Vehicles will be in modern warfare 2
    -M16 will return, using stopping power will only be OK at head, neck and torso.
    -AK47 and M4 will return, unknown if there are any changes
    -M40 will return but ACOG damage bug will be fixed
    -Scorpian, P90,M21.R700,G3,G360 will not return in MW2
    -There are more unknown weapons that will not return.
    -New sniper rifle SR25M (US FORCES)
    -New Assualt rifle Diemeco C8 (Canadian M4 basicly)
    -New Assualt Rifle L85A2 (UK FORCES) Woooo
    -Total Weapons in multiplayer around 35
    -Favourite Cod4 Maps will return
    -Red dot sights will return in diffrent shapes and sizes
    -All perks will return from cod4 except EavesDrop
    -All gametypes from cod4 will return with hardcore playlists
    -New Gametype similar to CoSad Awesome WaW's capture the flag this is called "Secure" apart from you capture enemy intel
    -New Gametype with unconfirmed name its like search and destroy but instead of planting/defending you kill the leader.
    -Solider Customizeation (Halliluya)
    -Snipers with silencers will not be in multiplayer (I think they may change this)
    -Killcam save feature

    *Just an idea*

    If your desperate for Modernwarfare 2 beta you should homepage this site You must login or register to view this content. im not 100% sure if it will contain beta sign ups at one point but it does seem to be the right place.
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    if it is 7 hours then i will complete it in 2 hours cod waw took my m8 10 hours it took me 2 hours and my m8 got to 3rd prestige in 1 day
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    man thank you!hope they bring in silencers with snipers Happy