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    big Thanks to JeffAdkins for orginal zombies,hawkin for edit of zombieland,NBK-DEVASTATION for tool Thanks seb5594 for video :happygrin: give him a sub You must login or register to view this content.
    hey guyszz :P ive been working on a zombieland edit for a few weeks now and im gonna release it now Smile
    heres what ive added

    fixed jetpack lag
    reduced zombiekiller jet lag
    added suicidal strike
    zombies have tactical inserions
    blackout timer at top
    blackout humans+zombies (depending on which side your on lol)
    a completly new bunker layout for quarry made by me =]
    massive edit on rust and added 2 released bunkers and 2 other bunkers i made so u have 4bunkers on rust without lag =]
    host get stealth binds and can turn on and off..
    changed some prices and names of stuff
    added model1887 as a new shotgun
    everyone gets level 70 after map has finished building
    fixed subbase zombies spawning inside bunker with humans
    added some new dvars like orgin/host/ping bars
    removed the coloured classes on connect
    added when zombies hits doors it will say $5 aswel as HIT!
    to turn antijoin on/off u have to crouch and press R2, and they can see if it is on or off
    added some new sounds on building map,zombieland started and also added a new some affect to zombie killer jet
    a new feature made by NBK-DEVASTATION, basically u have to find a small object around each map and once u go near its radius it will say press square for secrets, what that does is it will give everyone $200 and you unlock all
    new demo mode option, lay down and press triangle for toggle prestiges
    done it so it dosnt end automatically u have to laydown and press R3 for it to restart (Stealthbind)
    added some new secret flags and added a function show it says who found it =]
    added anti elevate+glitch, if they attempt it will suicide them and makes a message on the screen :P
    new nuke detanation text at top of screen does a count down
    added a timer at the top of your screen so u can always see play time Smile
    removed fog to prevent less FPS lag
    in demo mode u will get more dvars like longer fps+orgin locations etc etc
    when game starts host gets 30seconds of god mode and does a counter in middle of everyones screen so people dont think your cheating
    Added show origin and angeles in demo mode. press R2 to show
    patched a unfair spot for zombies on quarry
    added infectable mod menu on demo mode
    added new welcome text
    added infectable mod menu loading bar
    added Lift, a silver sphere+red flares are a lift but sometimes the flare dosnt load:/
    made zombiekiller jet shoot slower and made it shoot less stingers to help prevent lag
    fixed some bugs
    removed demo UFO mode because its pointsless
    added some more welcome text :p
    Added in Random Bunkers for most maps!!
    Maps With Random Bunkers:
    (basically all the maps exept karachi)
    Added in Inf Ammo Stealthbbind (Was requested by a user)
    added some new bunkers
    removed some welcome text
    replaced a underpass bunker because of lag issues
    make welcome text a bit smaller
    replaced blackout zombies to thermal overlay for humans. This was because zombies get vision so it wouldnt acually black them out....
    made zombie killer jet shoot even slower so it reduces lag even more!
    fixed some bunkers
    removed laggy scrapyard bunker and made my own
    fixed zombiekiller jet lagspike
    changed some iprintinbold to iprintin (less text in middle of screen)
    added confirmation on human thermal overlay
    added in more bunkers for the following maps:
    removed zombiekillerjet and replaced it with DeathMachine+StringerPro (AWESOME!)
    Made a new karachi bunker, kinda bunker based around the actual map but its good
    zombies can now buy there health to 1000 insted of 650
    also temparly removed infectable mod menu from demo mode(this was because everytime i turned demo mode on everyone tryed to get it)
    humans can now buy there health to 700
    changed some bunkers
    just some map edits and little things to prevent from being stuck,glitches...
    removed the say thingy when someone tries and glitches/elevates
    made new invasion bunker
    made it more stable


    Prone+right=teleport all to crosshair
    Prone+R2=give everyone 50$
    Prone+R3=fast end
    Prone+L3=Warning message
    Prone+down=map restart
    Prone+square=turn stealthbinds on and off
    Prone=kick menu
    crouch+L2=force host on off

    Enable/Disable Binds
    Stand+Knife+Square=Enable/Disable Binds has to be inthat order to activate
    Oh and alot of people dont kno how to turn demo mode on
    press R3+L3+R3+L3+R3+L3+R3 when building map is on your screen :P bascially press L3+R3 loads lol
    hope u enjoy it as much as i did!

    Please Donate Via
    Thanks to Satanic-American For his tool Smile
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    Whats New:

    make some small map edits
    made some kill commands so it prevents people from falling under the map but i need to do it for all maps
    added ray gun,choppergunner,uav for humans (this was a pain in the freaking ass!!!)
    new bind (look in stealthbind part)
    new warning message
    Chopper gunner now displays a timer and is 400$
    added some dvars to help prevent some FPS lag
    removed suicidal strike and done it so it is predator missle!
    some small map edits
    good news!
    ive made it so it balances the team correctly online
    made it so u dont have to toggle force host on and off for private it will now make it so it automatically becomes a private even on a online game

    some screen text temp removed
    made it so secret objects are in one place for each map and done it so everymap has a easy find for it Smile oh and it only becomes activatable when the zombies get picked
    new door open/close/attack sounds!! Smile
    small map edits
    stingerpro shoots faster
    make more stable Smile

    trying to figure out why the game randomly ends. i think its something to do with the force host :/
    now killcams are back
    bug fixes
    you can now get a spas 12 as a shot gun
    made it more possible for level 70 to happen to everyone
    fixed some bugs
    small edit for terminal bunker
    fixed warning message so it shows for everyone
    changed some stealth binds (look in stealthbind instructions)
    done it so when game is over it will automaticallly restart in 15 seconds
    when you die it will disable all stealthbinds exept anti-join+force host
    small map edit fixes
    some bugs have been resolved
    when there is one human alive zombies get last stand
    ive done some more stuff but cba saying

    some new lights that will be coming to more maps soon atm its only on afghan
    new bind to enable disable
    binds are disabled on connect
    some text/map edits/bugs/stableness has been fixed/improved!
    if you get free riot shield from flying zombie and if you already had one it will remove the previous riot shield to prevent it not being on your back, ive also done it so when you buy a riot shield it will always be on your back as a solid object
    people with UAV infection will no longer work but will have it when they leave still Smile
    removed chopper gunner timer text
    removed _rank.gsc for more stable
    removed threads/codes which wernt in use
    fixed secret objects
    changed some demo testing text
    removed some doors from derail bunker for less FPS lag
    removed createlift as it created major lag on players
    fixed blackout human so it will always work
    removed a rundown bunker
    when humans buy thermal overlay it will say sold in the store
    you can only buy riot shield once

    Known Bugs:
    Some store items allow you to buy them twice even when you have already brought them
    some map edits lag more than others
    some times the lobby crashes with player animation

    thank you jeffadkins51 for original zombie land!
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    Originally Posted by mrtn View Post
    Because GSC mods only work on 1.11 tears

    I never really understood why injecting it real-time like you would a BO2 GSC menu wouldn't make it work. I always thought 1.12 and above just added a check to see if the patch has any GSC files in it at game start-up, and if it did, it would disable them.
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