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    Current Version: 1.1.1
    CCAPI = 2.50

    Click the Icon below to begin the download

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    24/57 This is wrong, as I scanned the .rar by accident
    //Will Update\\

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    Hi Welcome Guys Hi

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    Woot Aimbot Options Woot

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    :yes: All Client Binding :yes:

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    More Pictures:

    :interested: All Client Options :interested:

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    Claps Credits Claps

    "Thanks to all those that have offered help in building this; Don't ask for credits cause you leeched from others/sources and made your own thread outta it"

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    Claps Non-Host Claps

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    Claps HUD Claps

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    Tiphat Spawn Models [Other Theme #Rasta] Tiphat

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    Smile Force Classes [Other Theme #Zen] Smile

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    Virus Scan
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    9/51 due to heavy encryption. Do not download if you believe otherwise. Staff members have seen the source several times.

    Our NGU Profiles
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    Video above recorded by You must login or register to view this content. Take a look!

    Video above recorded by You must login or register to view this content. Take a look!

    Spawn Entity Pictures:

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    Since the release of Version 1.4 - There has been a high demand & requests from users that want immediate updates of the tool, so from the release of Version 1.6, I am offering those who are loyal users or simply demand the tool, the chance to "subscribe" Yes | PM/Skype me to talk about receiving Early Release's (Using the tool before it is actually updated onto this thread for everybody else) - Subscription is $18 / £10 / €13 | a one time payment for ALL releases!
    If you have successfully subscribed & receive early updates/releases from me, it is a STRICT RULE not to trade or send the received tool with anybody else, if caught doing so, you will not be refunded nor receive any future updates & most likely get staff to remove you from viewing the thread in the future
    Old Thread Contents

    - All new button monitoring allowing your friends to take control of listed mods; functional from their PS3 controller
    - All Client Fair Aimbot
    - Spawn Bunkers with Load / Save options
    - All new voice commands which allow you to toggle "Non-Host Mods" on & off
    - All perks, Jetpack and Explosive Bullets also added to the client grid
    - Added "Give Maverick/Minigun" option to All clients
    - In-game Keyboard added, fully functional with manually XP Mods such as; Headshot, Assists, Captures etc...
    - Added FULLY customizable Maverick (AR & Sniper) classes
    - Give Wild Widow as secondary with options of Akimbo's or ACOG Scopes
    - Or Set up a class with the Maverick and the Wild Widow in one!

    "Check Changelog for other features added"

    Official Description:

    - A tool that contains very good features for any type of user, from having fun to recoveries for customers
    - The tool contains various possibilities, with amazing new button click host functions
    - All new spawn entity now offering you to get location of any/every client and spawn whatever you like around them

    Some of these functions listed:

    - Spawn Solid Models anywhere on the Map also now with a rotation option
    - Typewriter function for more professional advertising
    - Stack weapon option allowing unlimited guns on any Multiplayer game mode
    - Including 0-60 / 0-31 Level Editor on MP and Extinction modes
    - "Floating Bodies", "Promode" and "Scavenger Mode" functions
    - New Extinction Teleport Presets! Teleport to specific areas now!
    - Change player models from Multiplayer to Extinction game modes
    - In-game spoofs from "Kills, Deaths, Score, Current Rank and Prestige
    - Enter your own offsets feature (more freedom of Modding)
    - Server Info, CBUF and Game Server Commands included"

    Also included inside the tool:

    - Every single hidden camouflage for all weapons to date (15+)
    - Every single clan war patch available for unlock
    - All hidden backgrounds to date
    - Troll players with "Play Sound Effect", "Game Volume Editor", "Remove In-Game Perks" features
    - Also make annoying players rage with the new "Screamer" feature
    - Another two small features added are the "Blurry Screen" option & "Kick to main menu with personalised message pop-up"

    Other options include:

    - All Perks after patch, Minigun can also be equipped in-game
    - Choose your own custom killstreaks, from assault types which stack up as a support killstreak
    - Disco all client name within the game for a funny feature
    - Unlock All feature including Unlock All Guns, Soldiers, Classes, Attachments, Lethals, Tacticals at the click of a button!
    - New Extinction beta mods (including money, skill points and upgrades) which will also be included and worked on soon
    - All Relics On/Off for Extinction Mode
    - New Game Volume feature to mess with players in-game volume
    - Clean rubble option, to get rid of debris off the map
    - Anti Quit, Anti Join, Unlimited Spawn and Timescale
    - In-game mods such as; XP Lobby and Jump Height, Walk Speed etc

    Name changing functions:

    - For the first time ever you can Disco all client names in game
    - Moving name, Marquee name, Elite Clan tag color and editor
    - Make your own Preset names to save and store for later use
    - Preset names of Famous Youtubers, Hackers and funny trolls
    - Preset Clan Tags and Elite Clan Tags
    - Checkerboard Name / PS3 Symbol Clan tag options
    - Multicolored Elite Clan Tags and Preset Elite Clan Tags

    If you are also in need of an Eboot to use, then I've also included this to be downloadable from the "Extras" tab located on the "Welcome" page, also incl. is the debugged .self for those wanting to be safer while modding. lel.

    Please keep up-to-date with the Changelog that is posted in here as I do update it two-three days prior releasing the new update.

    Want to know more?

    - BLUS Season pass download link available from the tool
    - Debugged .self, elf and Force Host 1.06 Eboot inside
    - Send to all feature on customising classes and soldiers
    - Basic Extra theme included
    - All Non-Host button click allowing you to put all your Non-Host mods at one click
    - Turn your PS3 Off or Reset by clicking a button on the too
    - Replace Weapon, Bullet Type Rockets & 12+ Visions to choose from
    - Lag Game feature, 5 different Teleport options and Force Player Spectate
    - Suicide Lobby, Kill Player, Respawn Player and Change Team option
    - Individual player speed options and model changers with over 80+ models to choose from
    - Replace weapon which has every weapon to date in the game to choose from
    - First Person view of player hands changer
    - Preset stats - High, Legit, Max and Min... Or choose your own!
    - Prestige disco and Clan Tag disco
    - First time ever Preferred weapon changer also

    This tool is regularly updated, not only on Title Updates, so expect much more mods to be added to the tool... Any suggestions/requests? Just leave a comment what, and it may just happen lol.
    More Videos Below:

    I can not add anymore videos due to restriction by NGU but if you record a video just message me and I will the link(s) below! Gasp

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    Videos above recorded by MzBomb3rZz Take a look!

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    Video above recorded by hatersxgonnahat Take a look!

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    Video above recorded by Lonic Czar Take a look!

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    Video above recorded by UnknownFaces Take a look!

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    Video above recorded by MakeMeSpoonYou Take a look!

    *Release ( V. 1.0 )

    *Release ( V. 1.01 )

    *Changed "Certain areas of Font, Layout and Background"
    *Added "BLUS Season Pass"
    *Added "Debugged ELF Link"
    *Added "Donations" option
    *Added "Check for Updates option"
    *Added "3rd Person and UFO Mode for Non Host Features"
    *Added "Get Stats Button"
    *Added "Option to send to All Soldiers & Classes"
    "Added "Perks send to Specialist"
    *Added "Choose your own Killstreaks as Support"
    *Added "Client Name Changer in Lobby"
    *Added "Client Clan Tag Changer in Lobby"
    *Fixed "Max Character amount on Lobby Name"
    *Fixed "Max Character amount on Clan Tag (Lobby)"
    *Added "Prestige Disco in Extinction Lobby"
    *Added "Enter Address/Offset and Bytes function"
    *Added "3rd Person non-host option"
    *Added "3rd Person option for Extinction clients"
    *Added "Elite Clan Tag color changer"
    *Added "Elite Clan Tag changer"
    *Added "Reset Name/Clan option"
    *Added "Preset Names & Preset Clan Tags"
    *Added "UFO Mode for Extinction Clients"
    *Added "Time to Prestige for Soldiers 1-10"
    *Added "Get Stats"
    *Added "Legit Stats, High Stats, Max Stats & Min Stats"
    *Added "Preferred Weapon changer"
    *Removed "Minigun option, because patched"
    *Added "Set your own Rank 0-60 on MP"
    *Added "Set your own Rank 0-31 on Extinction"
    *Added "Checkerbox prestige to Extinction"
    *Added "Walk Speed, Freeze and Visibility for Clients on Extinction"
    *Fixed "All Relics off button"
    *Added "Preset Multicolored Elite Clan Tags"
    *Added "Lobby settings" (Jump Height, Walk Speed, Gravity & Fall Damage)
    *Added "Some functions to Datagrid (Clients)"
    *Added "Theme Changer" = Basic Theme
    *Added "Soldiers & Classes to Unlock All"
    *Added "Lock Soldiers to Reset All"
    *Added "2 more weapon Camos"
    *Added "2 more backgrounds"
    *Added "************* Link to Forums"
    *Added "More Preset Names"
    *Added "A New Basic Theme option incase of lag with normal theme"

    *Release ( V. 1.02 )

    *Added "Lobby Settings (XP Lobby, Timelimit & Scorelimit)"
    *Added "Timescale, Anti Join & Unlimited Spawn"
    *Added "Toggle Killcam, Toggle Gametype option"
    *Added "Reset XP Lobby setting to default"
    *Added "More Models, and Preset names"
    *Added "Name Styles and Moving Names"
    *Added "Type & Store your own Preset Names (color/flash)"
    *Added "Toggle Promode, Take Player Weapons"
    *Added "Teleport features"
    *Added "Player Status mods (No Spawn, Respawn, Force Spectate, Kick Player, Send to Trap and more"
    *Added "Spawn in Game Text and Advertise"
    *Added "CBUF and Server Commands"
    *Added "Floating Bodies"
    *Added "All Clients = No Recoil, Laser, Wall Hack and Red Boxes"
    *Added "Toggle Minimap, Small > Huge"
    *Added "Suicide and Radar Sweep for All Clients"
    *Added "10+ Visions options"
    *Added "Change Name to Grid"
    *Added "Change Team Option"

    *Release ( V. 1.03 )

    *Added "Extinction Teleport Presets" [E.g. to Motel Roof, Big Sign & All Hives etc]
    *Added "Lag Individual Clients"
    *Fixed "Default Lobby Settings function"
    *Fixed "Reset name and clan tag function"
    *Added "In Game text to pop up one some functions once activated/deactivated"
    *Added "Spawn Delay option"
    *Fixed "Auto Refresh function"
    *Added "More Kick W/ Message Presets"
    *Added "New Force Host EBOOT Link"
    *Added "HUD designer"
    *Added "In-Game Keyboard"

    *Release ( V. 1.04 ) [1.07]

    *Cleaned up the UI and spaced out a few things
    *Added "GUN GAME XP lobby setting features"
    *Added "Checkerboard Name option"
    *Added "PS3 Button Clan Tag changer"
    *Added "More preferred Weapon options
    *Added "Full Body Count suit - One click for mask(s) & suit"
    *Changed "Prestige Time option to days & minutes"
    *Added "5 more Extinction prestige options"
    *Fixed "Party Clan Tag/Name changer option"
    *Fixed "Replace/Give Weapon feature"
    *Added "Floating Bodies to lobby settings and not just Client grid"
    *Added "Steady Aim non-host option"
    *Disabled "Spawn Entity & HUD Options"
    *Added "Welcome name"
    *Added "Domain Box allowing other mods to be used such as; Black Hole, Weapon Position etc for Non Host Mods"

    *Release ( V. 1.05 )

    *Added "Disable Cheat Protection Option" [Compulsory]
    *Fixed "Several Minor Bugs"
    *Fixed "Some Button Binding Bugs"
    *Added "More Non-Host functions"
    *Added "Force Host Eboot, Clean Eboot & Siiyyaahh's BOII Tool Link(s)"

    *Release ( V. 1.06 )

    *Added "Aimbot for All Clients w/ Client Grid"
    *Fixed "Lobby Settings freeze"
    *Fixed "Extinction God Mode & Infinite Ammo"
    *Added "10 + New Preset Names"
    *Removed "Everybody can hear you from Client Grid"
    *Added "Disconnect Tool Option"
    *Added "Color change to Anti-Ban button, so you know when it's activated"
    *Disabled "Gravity changing for now"
    *Added "Wild Widow options for Class 1 & 2 w/ Maverick as Primary's"
    *Added "Trippy Vision to Non-Host mods"
    *Disabled "Non-Host mods - Minimap Size & Third Person for the time being"
    *Disabled "Some Teleport functions also"
    *Re-added "Spawn Bunkers/Spawn Solid Models with Load/Save options using .txt files"

    *Release ( V. 1.6.1 )

    *Added "Wild Widow Normal & Dual for All Soldiers/Loadouts option"
    *Fixed "Gravity Lobby setting causing freeze"
    *Added "More Preset Names"
    *Added "Quick All Client Mods: God Mode, 3rd Person, Derank Spoof, Change Prestige, Freeze & more"
    *Added "Quick Preset Lobby Settings Mods: Super Speed/Super Jump, Low Gravity & No Fall Damage"
    *Added "Aimbot Status and Demonware statuses too"
    *Added "Non-Host Pro Mod, No Fog & 5 different Vision choices"
    *Re-Added "Public Cheater (Fast On/Off button for Main Non-Host mods)"
    *Added "Floating Bodies & Rotate Map to Non-Host options"
    *Removed "God Mode as Button Binding and replaced with UAV & Red Boxes"
    *Added "Spectator God Mode & 3rd Person w/ Red Boxes"
    *Added "New Extinction Page"
    *Added "Ratio tracker to Stats page for K/D & W/L"
    *Added "Videos to Extra's tab"
    *Added "Load/Save Location with L3/R3"

    *Release ( V. 1.07 ) [1.09]

    *Added "A Complete whole new GUI"
    *Fixed "Minor Bugs"
    *Added "Unfair Aimbot"
    *Added "Teleport to Client Aimbot / Teleport Client to Client Aimbot"
    *Added "Teleport Gun"
    *Added "In-game Change Camo selector for all clients"
    *Added "Team/Enemy quick grid mod options"
    *Added "Clone Player"
    *Added "New Extinction Mods"
    *Added "Campaign Mods"

    *Release ( V. 1.08 ) [1.10]

    *Added "String Image Value Setter"
    *Added "Secondary Weapon Options"
    *Added "Few new client mods"
    *Added "God Mode to Campaign"
    *Added "Fully Automatic Weapons to Lobby Settings"
    *Updated "Demonware/Cheat Protection"

    *Released ( V. 1.09 ) [1.12]

    *Added "CCAPI (CEX) 2.50 Compatibility"
    *Added "Oracle aka Player Glow"
    *Added "Custom Spawn Trap"
    *Added "New Teleport Options"
    *Added "10 New Camos, inc. Pre-Ordered CoSad Awesome AW Camo"


    FaQs & Help:


    Firstly to use this tool Your PS3 must be Jailbroken.
    Secondly to use CEX, you will need to MAKE SURE you have downloaded Enstone's - CCAPI and install the .pkg file

    Q: Is this tool completely compatible with CEX?
    A: Every function on the tool is completely working for CEX users. Host functions and lobby settings, everything!

    Q: How do I use "Disable Cheat Protection"

    Sign out of your PSN account, load up Ghosts; Connect/Attach the tool, Enable "Cheat Protection", then sign back in.

    Step 1: Firstly log out of your PSN account
    Step 2: Load up ghosts but do not sign in yet.
    Step 3: Connect and Attach to the tool
    Step 4: Enable "Cheat Protection"
    Step 5: Sign into PSN
    Step 6: Enjoy....

    This way has worked for me and friends for a decent duration as of yet, this may get patched as many people will possibly use it... But for now follow the steps above and you should be good to go.

    This is NOT a method to UNBAN any accounts from Ghosts, you must do this with an account that is NOT banned already or it will not work ofc.

    Please tell me how this works for you, as for me and some have been playing online for 6+ hours now

    Q: The tool sometimes lags or runs slow, any fix?
    There will be a basic theme released to fix this soon, but the main factor is the mods are working.

    Q: Voice commands seem not to work for me?
    A: In order for this to work you must have your microphone plugged into your computer and also make sure you have configured the properties so it allows "Speech Recognition"

    Q: The tool will not open for me, Why not?
    A: After opening the .RAR file - Make sure the .DLLs are in the same location with the .EXE

    Q: Host mods do not work for me?
    A: For this to work is self explanatory, you MUST be the host of the lobby/game

    Q: Do I need a Jailbroken PS3 for this tool to work?
    A: Yes. This tool will not work on an OFW. 99.9% of tools will not either.

    Q: All perks do not show when I set them?
    A: All perks after patch is used by Specialist killstreaks, so once setting them put on Specialist KS in your class'

    Q: I change my prestige/rank but nothing happens?
    A: Sometimes after you set your desired prestige/rank, you must refresh the lobby for it to be visible

    Q: What does the Screamer function do?
    A: Screamer turns the clients screen white, game volume up above the maximum and sounds like a broken TV

    Q: I don't know how to use Spawn Entity?
    A: Some of the listed models are not visible models that you are spawning, but it 100% works. You just need to find the models that are visible. E.g. Care Packages, SatCOMs and body models.

    Q: Why does the tool options seem to lag? (Switching Tabs etc...)
    A: This is being worked on, a new revamped theme will be released very soon.

    Q: How do I use Stack weapon?
    A: This function is done by number code. Put (67) into the (Text Box) and press (Enter) *Minigun appears* While still holding your previous weapons, so you can have unlimited amount.

    Q: Why does the tool not open on 32bit?
    This tool is made for only 64bit and higher, please do not ask for it to be changed... Some say it doesn't work on Windows XP, it is not made to be compatible for XP or lower & at current time there is no plans to change this

    E.g. = 67 > Enter = Minigun appears. 66 > Enter = MTAR-X appears, and so on.
    Also check the weapon guide provided within the tool.

    Q: Do we need to enable RPC for any functions to work?
    A: No you do not.

    Q: Support Killstreaks don't work sometimes?
    A: The way I believe to use them is to Give yourself the desired amount of Squad Points and then Unlock All your Killstreaks manually (Assault & Support) then use the tool to give yourself the modded Killstreaks.

    Lastly please stop adding my Skype asking questions that have been answered above ^ and questions like do you need a Jailbreak, OF COURSE YOU DO! Thanks.

    How to connect for CEX:


    1. Click connect
    2. Enter your 'PLAYSTATION 3' IP Address
    3. Load up Call of Duty: Ghosts
    4. Once in the multiplayer/extinction menu's click Attach
    5. Done and ready!

    How to Install the EBOOT/SELF: (Attaching the tool)


    1. Download the EBOOT provided, or your desired EBOOT.
    2. Now put the EBOOT onto a USB stick
    3. Enter the USB into your PS3 and open up your manager (MultiMan, Blackb0x, Ps3ita or whatever you have)
    4. Now follow this path "game > BLES or BLUS > USRDIR"
    5. You see EBOOT.BIN inside here? Ok delete it
    6. Now locate the EBOOT you just downloaded & placed onto your USB stick. "Make sure it is renamed to EBOOT.BIN"
    7. Copy this renamed "EBOOT.BIN" into your USRDIR
    8. Now quit and load up the game, and you shall be ready to attach!

    If you plan on using the default_mp.self instead of an EBOOT.BIN; then just follow the same steps provided above for you. But instead do all the steps for default_mp.self and not EBOOT.BIN.


    - Replace/Give Weapon sometimes causes freeze, so you're advised to use "Stack Weapon" instead!
    - Spawn Entity & Typewriter will be re-enabled in the future updates!
    - No Stun/Flash damage and Everyone can hear you options were added by mistake, they are non-functional
    - Teleport to Me etc, etc... Will be fixed in an update
    - Jetpack is All Clients but only for per client at one time currently


    (100% Patched)

    - God Mode/Invisibility Classes
    - Minigun in Secondary Class
    - All perks in Perks Slot

    (Not sure)

    - Some/All Hidden Camo's are patched
    - Assault Killstreaks as Support KS

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    your an idiot, i was just trying to help everyone out....

    Please Upload a Virus scan for your reupload
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    Please Upload a Virus scan for your reupload

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    From his file reupload BUT DELETE RUNTIME.DLL AND PS§TMAPIX64.DLL. These "extra dlls" are running viral codes, infecting every other ps3lib and tmapi dll on you system.