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  1. 05-10-2022, 07:42 PM
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    I was looking for a save for The Baconing's Insane Mode myself recently and couldn't find anything.

    So I ended up running through the game again and making a save right before the final boss myself. I have no idea if the save will work, but if it does, the Insane Mode save – bottom right when you click continue – puts you right in front of the final boss cave. I made sure you have five each of the two best potions and you have ten of every grenade. Best tactic is to just spam grenades on the boss, while clearing out whatever he spawns in with the weapons. Your main weapons should be Square for melee, and O for long range.

    If the save happens to work, there might be other Trophies you can earn. You are a handful of kills away from level 20 in the Insane Mode save (and leveling up will also heal you to full during the boss fight). The other save – top left when you press continue – needs around 300 more kills for the 2000 kills Trophy and spawns you next to a group of easy to kill chickens. Kill all those, quit the game, and reload to farm them. Both saves do unfortunately already have more than 1000 shield bashes, but you might still earn it if you do one? The Insane save also has an uncompleted arena, if you still need to do that.

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