THREAD: Kingdoms of Amalur; FATESWORN. Complete save set DLC [CUSA17245]
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    Dec 2018
    Hello everybody. This is my first share here. I bring you the saves for all the Fatesworn dlc trophies;

    First, download these files;

    Follow the order below to look legit;

    1 - The Floor is Lava; Run file 00 and kill the last boss. It will be easy, just attack him r-quickly, he should die in 3-4 hits.
    2 - Farewell, Fateless One. Use this same save, after you kill the last boss, and go to the indicated point on the map and finish the dlc story.

    3 - Gatekeeper; Run file 31, close the last portal behind you and the trophy will pop.

    4 - Customer Service; Run file 02 and talk to the npc in front of you, the trophy will appear.
    5 - use this same file to get armor related trophies. Very easy;

    -Walking Fortress
    -Black Hole
    -Sixpack .

    Just follow this guide and you will get these last 3 trophies in 10 minutes.

    So that's it, hope I helped.
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