THREAD: Absolver Semi Save Set US [CUSA06282]
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    Hi Everyone: this is my semi saves for the Absolver game US region "CUSA06282"

    PS: before you use my saves here is the trophies that i have already unlocked. So i am not sure if they will pop up instantly or they will if you replay or redo things.
    here is the list of trophies that i have already unlocked so be careful.
    Smells like Victory
    Warming up
    Gear up
    Make your Move
    This is Adal!
    White Belt
    Black Belt
    Cargal & Kilnor
    You were like a brother to me!
    Survival of the Fittest
    Adding insult to injury
    Getting serious
    PS: For the (Adding insult to injury) trophy you can join to any of this schools (#52283, #27618, #53565, #48239, #53567) to master the calbot move
    The Save Set is:
    1. (Finding your Marks) : kill ama saba miniboss just ahead
    2. (Risryn) & (Absolver) : kill final boss and watch the end
    3. (Talem's Secret) & (Worthy Opponents) : watch the video inside the folder for the last Last Cairn Location and then re-kill any main boss for the (Worthy Opponents) trophy
    4. (Master of Styles) : join the Stagger school #53585 to unlock the Stagger Style and the trophy will pop up
    5. (The Grandmaster) : join the school #61429 and select all school equipment then hit a couple time an enemy by "Wrist Jab" move its upper left move until you master it then kill the enemy
    6. (Student Become Teacher) : You can use any of my saves to create a school and unlock trophy

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  3. 07-10-2022, 08:30 PM
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    master of style i joined the school but the trophy didnot pop up why?

    ps: u already have all style

    i got the trophy to lvl the style
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