THREAD: Destiny 2 - Zavalas Lieutenant Trophy Guide
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    Game Name: Destiny 2

    Trophy Name: Zavalas Lieutenant

    Trophy Description: Aquire each Titan Subclass

    Trophy: Gold

    Description: As you level up your Titan, at certain levels, you will find an artifact based on one of the other lost powers (Striker and Sunbreaker). Around level 7 or 8, you will find an artifact for the Striker in a treasure chest. It can be a chest sitting out in the patrol zone (use Cayde's scouting reports to easily find them), from a high value target, or from a public event. Level it to 100% by completing public events, story missions, and getting kills. Just like with the Striker, you will find a second artifact around level 15 or 16. Level it up in the same way.

    For both artifacts, once it is leveled up, there will be a new mission available in the EDZ. One thing to be aware of is to try and level up each artifact as you acquire them. You cannot acquire the second artifact until you have two unlocked subclasses.
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